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16" by 20"

acrylic and paper on stretched canvas

painting wraps the edges




The theme of this exhibit is Beyond the Surface. I thought about the current racial situation in the United States and what was simmering beyond or beneath the surface we are experiencing right now in 2020. Our nation was founded with an acceptance of slavery. For many years in its early history, states were added in a balance one slave state for one free state. The acceptance that slavery was an economic and political necessity meant the country was built on a flawed foundation. The liberty bell cracked when it was first rung. This to me was a symbol of the cracks in the foundation, the underlying currents that were going to simmer and boil throughout our history until this original flaw was corrected and indeed they have. The moral and humane obligation to abolish slavery was clear to some who were brave enough to act early in our history. The courage of slaves such as Harriet Tubman to escape and help others to safety, away from the cruel, inhumane and immoral reality of slavery strengthened our foundation as a country and got us closer to liberty for all. I chose to picture these brave people who exemplify what is still needed today. While slavery itself is abolished, its harsh impact is still hurting our country today, preventing us from being truly a place with liberty and justice for all. This painting is a reminder that all of us need to search inward and be open to ways to act to continue to strengthen our country’s foundation by understanding its faults and mending the cracks that adversely affect so many still.

painting: roots

SKU: roots
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